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I am a writer named Bess Korey and I have started this blog as a place to compile my articles that have been published over the past few years about female musicians from the 1960’s to the present (most of the emphasis here will be on the ’60s-’80s, but there may be some more recent exceptions), and to share any relevant news and/or musings having to do with this topic.

When I was a teenager back in the ‘9os,  I came across a compilation of CDs called Girls In The Garage, which ended up changing my life. These CDs featured bands with female musicians from the ’60s (yes, such a thing existed, believe it or not!), and I became hooked on them. About a decade later, I started to write about female musicians from the ’60s, and got to do pieces on two of the bands that were featured on the Girls In The Garage comps (the Daughters of Eve and the Luv’d Ones). I will post those articles here, as well as some of my other work that is about female music pioneers.

I guess the reason why I decided to start this blog, is because in light of movie about the Runaways coming out, I wanted to dispel the myth that they were the first all-female band (that is not meant to be disrespectful towards them, since they have been a huge influence on me and I have been listening to them for many years) but I am the kind of music writer that insists on always getting her facts straight, and quite simply, the Runaways were not the first all-female band, there were many others before them, and they deserve credit and recognition, and that is why I have been trying to do with my writing the past few years.  My work has appeared in Venus Zine, Bitch Magazine, Make/Shift, Ugly Things,  and Girlistic. I also recently started writing for a new women’s music magazine called boxx music magazine.

I decided to name this blog, Girls In The Garage, since an interview I did with Julie Patchouli of the Pandoras in 2007 had that title (which I will re-post here) and to also pay homage to the Girls In The Garage comps and all of the women musicians that appeared on them and still have not gotten the recognition they deserve for being trailblazers.

I also wanted to say welcome to my visitors, and that I hope you will comment and let me know what you think about this blog, the bands I write about, and the articles I will post. Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Hi Bess,

    Thanks for commenting on my Luv’d Ones article on! What an interesting blog you have here – I think we are looking at pretty similar stuff. I wrote a dissertation on garage rock a couple of years ago (which was actually called ‘Girls in the Garage’…), but at the moment I’m working on a PhD on women musicians in England and Wales in the 1960s, and travelling around the UK interviewing these folks.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. Bess I appreciate what you do. I look forward to reading your next post!

  3. Hi Bess!

    I was wondering if I could send some female glam rockers to you for review? Please let me know! Thanks!

  4. Glad this exists…thx for all the cool info!

  5. Hi B is that you the Louise Dahl Wolfe fan? Can you email me? I’d like to be in touch and our link on M’hurst has gone dead. All the best, Old Skool Darcy

  6. Hey, I discovered your website will researching for my documentary and I got to say I think you’ve made an amazing blog! I would love to speak with you about helping me out with the documentary. Please contact me if you’re interested – either I’ll always be a fan.

  7. Hi Bess and anyone who sees this – some former members of The Pandoras will be on my radio show this Wednesday, May 15 at 3 PM Pacific for a bit of a “Pandoras Party” and salute to Paula Pierce – please do tune in and if you miss it live you can get the podcast later:

  8. Hello,I am, or was, the drummer in the Luv’d Ones!!! Yes, I am alive and well. Myself and Mary Gallagher, live in Niles, Mich. Very happy to know so many are lovin the Luv’d Ones. I am very proud of our band and really hated the way we were treated by the people that were supposed to help us in the music business back then. One of our last gigs was to be the front band for Traffic, when they first came over from England. We the Chicago Ampatheatre, 5000, people were there. The crowd loved us, we were got two encores. Traffic, of course, were great. The next day we joined them and went shopping for some “American clothes”, as they put it!! Well, I and Mary have many stories,MANY…..HA! Lets talk sometime. Like to hear from fans…….I’m sure Char and Chris, would love this, I am very sad that they aren’t here to enjoy it. bye and luv to all……………Faith

    • Faith, Jesse has been looking for you. I will shoot you an email and hope it is still active ❤

    • Hey Faith I am glad to see you are doing well! I have sent you an email (if this address is still good). I am sure that you have received quite a bit of fan mail since posting it, but we are in no rush. My brother in law Jesse was ecstatic to see your post to say the least 🙂

  9. girlsinthegarage – Thank you for this great blog! Not only has it been awesome to read up on music that I have not known (80’s kid) but it has honestly helped connect family, since some of the people you mention in some of your articles are relatives whom we have lost, and others we have been able to reconnect with over the years. I would love to ask you a few questions of you do not mind, can you shoot me an email? [game maker chick (at) gmail (dot) com]. Thank you ❤

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